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   December 2019 -


Red Gate Farm has been officially listed on the Washington Heritage Barn Register!

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   December 2019 -


The 2020 WSHJA Show schedule has been announced.  Who's ready to ride?


   December 2019 -


The calendar has been marked! #rideinthesun

     January 2020-

The full Red Gate Farm Show Schedule is out! Get ready for another amazing show season!

HITS Thermal Updates!

Congratulations to Emma Smith and Farley Hi There

Week 5 -Pony Equitation CHAMPION!



Modifed Junior Amateur Jumpers

Reserve Champion - Samantha Smith


Children's Hunter 12 & Under                                   

4th - Reignmaker ZF                                                           

Rider: Hailie Mitchell                                                             

Owner: Red Gate Farm  


7th - Good Boy                                                                     

Owner: Richard Keller                                  


Children's Hunters 13-14

5th - MTM Karma                                                                      

Owner/Rider: Mckenzie Lane                                                 


Children's Hunter Pony

3rd - Ella Enchanted                                                            

Rider: Riley Wade                                                           

Owner: Red Gate Farm                                                        


4th - Spilt Milk                                                                     

Owner/Rider: Sophia Ibanez                                                 


Children's Hunter Pony Equitation

3rd - Riley Wade

4th - Sophia Ibanez


Children's Jumpers 0.90m 

5th -  Jaeger Tiger

Rider: Emma Smith 


6th - Jack Be Nimble 

Rider: Sydney Ostrander 


Equation 11 and under

5th - Emma Smith 


Equation 12-13

4th - Mckenzie Lane

6th - Hailie Mitchell 


Jumpers 0.90m 

6th - Jaeger Tiger

Rider: Emma Smith


Junior Hunter Large 15 and Under 

7th - West Side

Rider: Samantha Smith Owner: Red Gate Farm 


Pacific NW 5,6,7 & 8 Year old Jumper

4th - Jaeger Tiger

Rider: Jamie Smith


Pony Equitation

7th - Emma Smith 

8th - Sydney Ostrander 


Pony Hunter Medium

4th - Believe

Rider: Emma Smith

Owner: Victoria Ibanez


Pre-Children’s Equitation

4th - Tatum Mayo 


Pre-Children’s Hunter:

4th - Affectio

Owner/Rider: Tatum Mayo 


Short Stirrup Equitation-Pony

4th - Victoria Ibanez 


Small Hunter

4th - Reignmaker ZF

Rider: Aisling Cuchna

Owner: Red Gate Farm 


WSHJA Elite Equitation 3’6-3’9

8th - Samantha Smith



Children's Hunter Ponies

3rd - Roxanne Rider: Anna Boone Owner: Denis Bindels 

4th - First Wish Rider/owner:Rebecca St. Onge


Children's Hunter Pony Equitation 

Champion - Rebecca St. Onge

3rd - Anna Boone

5th - Denis Bindels

6th - Emma Robbins


Jumpers 0.75m

7th - First Wish owner/rider:Rebecca St. Onge


Short Stirrup Equitation Pony

4th - Anna Boone

  December 2015

Arena Improvements!


New Arena Footing

Mark Rowley and Efficient Arena will be

installing new Equiloft footing December

1st through 5th.  We're very excited about

having the best possible footing for our riders and horses!


Efficient Arena website


New Arena Lights

We're also please to announce that we have bright new lights just in time for daylight savings!


Jamie Smith


Red Gate Farm, LLC

23836 SE 24th Street

Sammamish, WA  98075

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